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Hi, I'm Jille. My love for embroidery was born in 2020, not unlike many people who decided to take up a new hobby or skill in the midst of this worldwide pandemic. I knew from the get go that if I was going to seriously do embroidery, I wanted to make my own original designs. Thus Art by Jille was created.

Mental Health

I am wildly passionate about mental health and looking after yourself to ensure that you are in the best possible position to do the things you need to do in life, whether it be at work or in your personal relationships.


My faith is a huge part of my life – I could not be more thankful for Jesus coming down to earth and taking the form of a human, then dying on the cross for my sin when it should have been me. He also rose again and conquered sin and death once and for all, so I am looking forward to him coming back! In the meantime you will see some of my designs are influenced by my faith and journey as a Christian.


All my kits and custom hoops come in eco-friendly packaging. (Yes, even the cellophane in custom hoops is biodegradable.) This is a non-negotiable decision I made when I started my business.

It's always been a dream of mine to start my own business. It feels exhilarating seeing it come to life! I hope to be your ally and supporter as you explore how embroidery can enrich your life.

Art by Jille is based in Auckland, New Zealand.
For press enquiries, flick me a message at or 021 081 73912.